Administration Team
Debbie Hammons Head of School / Principal [email protected]
Amy Christopher Director of Elementary Education [email protected]
Jennifer Stewart Director of H.S. Student Affairs [email protected]
Joy Devins Director of M.S. Student Affairs [email protected]
John Jacobs Director of Secondary Academics [email protected]
Cliff Russell Director of Student Life & Operations [email protected]
Alisa Cunningham Director of Admissions [email protected]
Mike Moak Director of Finance [email protected]
Donetta Ginn Director of Academic Compliance [email protected]
Support Staff
Shana Bauer Receptionist [email protected] 
Ryan Davis Technology [email protected]
Melissa Grimes Nurse [email protected]
Elementary Arlington
Jessica Tennyson K3 [email protected]
Jaret Webb K3 [email protected]
Allison Coontz K4 [email protected]
Emily Landrum K4 [email protected]
Patricia Cleek K5 [email protected]
Teresa Hatcher K5 [email protected]
Kim Bock 1st [email protected]
Olivia Grimes 1st [email protected]
Amanda Bone 2nd [email protected] 
Jackie Potts 2nd [email protected]
Chris McCloskey 3rd [email protected] 
Monica Smith 3rd [email protected] 
Hannah Pannell 4th [email protected] 
Kathy Schenk 4th [email protected] 
Kris Smith 5th [email protected] 
Jodie Webb 5th [email protected] 
Oki Moore Spanish [email protected] 
Secondary Arlington
Michelle Cooper Middle School [email protected]
Joy Devins Middle School [email protected]
Alicia Everett Art [email protected]
Molly Gardner Math [email protected] 
Tori Harris Athletic Director (Girls)/PE [email protected]
John Jacobs History [email protected]
Mandy Kershaw Drama [email protected]
Rachel Lock Science [email protected]
Gina Neupert Fine Arts Director [email protected]
Xenia O’Steen Spanish [email protected]
Lynn Powers Technology/Yearbook [email protected]
Rebekah Raiteri English [email protected]
Cliff Russell Bible [email protected]
Jennifer Stewart English [email protected]
Terry Weatherford Math [email protected] 
Bryant Wilkinson Athletic Director (Boys)/Wellness [email protected]
Nicci Patrick Site Director [email protected]
Pennie Joyner K3 [email protected]
Micah Walkley K3 [email protected]
Brian Kershaw K4 [email protected]
Cynthia Armstrong K4 [email protected]
Rita Thompson Site Director [email protected]
Jessica King K4 [email protected]
Elaine Perkins K5 [email protected]